30 Days of Cryptids Day 22: The Hydra

Here is the fearsome mythological beast – the hydra, a sea serpent (of sorts) with nine heads on average. I’ve bee

30 Days of Cryptids Day 21: The Sphinx

Here lies the majestic Sphinx, creator of riddles, challenging Oedipus on his journey.According to Encyclopedia Mythica, The G

30 Days of Cryptids Day 20: Griffin

The famous griffin, half eagle,half lion. I went with a more Indian-design theme for the background and like how this turned o

30 Days of Cryptids Day 19: Valkyrie

Not to be confused with Wagner’s Opera or the Tom Crusie comeback vehicle of the same name, a Valkyrie was a maiden in N

Now On Deviant Art

I joined Deviant Art today and began to post all manner of cryptidity-goodness. You can check out my profile under Zephyr-Art.

30 Days of Cryptids Day 18: Loch Ness Monster

Here she is! Nessie, one of my favorite cryptids of all time, deserves special recognition. Legend has it that in the lake of

30 Days of Cryptids Day 17: The Dragon

When I was a kid, I wanted a pet dragon. I wanted to fly through the air, find my enemies and have my pet burn them to a crisp

30 Days of Cryptids Day 16: The Aspidochelone

The what now? The Aspidochelone (don’t ask me how to pronounce this) is our cryptid for Day 16. This is a creature of th

30 Days of Cryptids Day 15: Elf

Here he is! I am glad to present the midpoint of Cryptids, #15, the musically talented elf. Note his mastery of the mandolin.

30 Days of Cryptids Day 14: Spectral Apparition

Happy Halloween Everybody!