Andreas Deja and Carol Kieffer Police at the Walt Disney Family Museum

On Saturday I had the great pleasure of meeting Andreas Deja and Carol Kieffer Police at the Walt Disney Family Museum. This M

Animatic: The Knight

Here’s the first pass of a project I am currently working on with several friends called The Knight. It’s a pretty

Animatic: Realm

Hey there guys, Today I am showing a segment from an animated show that I am creating. Back in 2007 I wrote a treatment for a

Oscar Nominated Shorts

Good morning to you all! In case you have not yet seen them, here are some of the Oscar-nominated shorts, including the Oscar

Tea Time Animatic Version 2

Hey everybody here is version 2 of my pitch for the Animation Club’s fall interstitial. Now with better, crisper artwork

Animation II Reel

Here it is – my Animation II reel. Man this was a tough class. I honestly felt that my skills were regressing from last

Eel In A Box Animation

Here is my final animation for Eel In A Box. An Eel discovers a box – the perfect place to hid out. But will he be able

Animation Bonanza

Here are my two animations from class today. I am happy with how they turned out – I spent quite a bit of time on both o

UPA Cartoons Are Coming!

I am super excited about this – Turner and Sony are releasing “UPA Jolly Frolics” on DVD on Thursday. What i

Man With No Name Walk Cycle

THIS is what I was trying to do with my walk cycle for Animation II. The cycle was done by Stephanie Blakely. Great job.